Interdisciplinary Software Developer with experience in web technologies, databases, and cloud services. Currently pursuing a perfect blend of back-end and front-end technologies for a wide range of web development. For +4 years I've helped companies, start-ups, and institutions reach business goals with productive focused, application design.

I'm a complete learning enthusiast who is self-motivated, currently improving concurrent and functional programming skills. Find some of my projects on GitHub and some of my blog posts on Dev.to.

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As a reluctant software developer, I fled from a traditional path and explored my skills, by trying my hands on various languages and frameworks/libraries. Software is more than just a tool, and I try to dig deep into it. Today, I knack for critical thinking, empathy, and creativity to create viable and impactful solutions using these technologies.


I've invested 5 years learning Electronics to get my degree in Electronic Engineering while starting to work independently as a web developer. I always had the feeling of focusing on software development thinking that one should never stop learning and go through a process of knowledge acquisition.

Make It Real Camp, Medellín
Full-Stack Web Development
Universidad Pontificia Bolivariana, Medellín
Bachelor's Degree in Electronic Engineering
Aug 2021 - present
Software Engineer Turn.io, Remote

- Implement and maintain the backend APIs that facilitate real time access to the WhatsApp Business API.

- Maintain the current GraphQL backend data sources, subscriptions, and resolvers which powers the React based frontend.

- Advise on and/or contribute to new or emerging technologies that might be relevant.

- Work in tandem with the CTO and the Product Manager to proactively contribute to the long-term vision for core technologies and architecture.

- Work within a small, multi-skilled team in order to produce a world class product.

Nov 2020 - Aug 2021
Full-Stack Developer Team International, Remote

Having the opportunity to work with cutting-edge technologies is very exciting for me and has become a great way to learn quickly and as much as possible.

- IoT focused microservices using technologies such as REST API, Real-Time webhook notifications, Pub/Sub services, Docker containers, Google Cloud Platform, among others.

- REST API development using Nest.js framework.

- API integrations for Node.js back-ends.

- Support and development of new features for Node.js back-ends.

Sep 2019 - Nov 2020
Full-Stack Developer Lean Tech, Medellín

In this company I have the opportunity to turn my passion for the web into high-quality work, building large scalable web applications.

- Development of large and scalable Node.js/React.js applications using AWS services, as well as MongoDB, PostgreSQL and Redis databases.

- Development of Transportation Management Systems (TMS) using technologies such as Business Intelligence, API integrations, Geolocation lookups, FTP folders scraping, XML and XLSX files processing, among others.

- REST API development using Express.js framework.

- REST and SOAP web API integrations for Node.js back-ends.

- Support and development of new features for Node.js back-ends.

Jan 2018 — Aug 2019
Automation Engineer HMV Engineers, Medellín

Being in a very well structured company, with clear and defined work procedures, helped me grow both personally and professionally, as well as enjoying a young and international working environment. I had the opportunity to redefine the way I work in a more intelligent way.

Since Jan 2016
Software Developer Hipercódigo (Freelance), Medellín

Being the first professional job of my career and being my own business, I have learned to be competent in an accelerated work environment.

- Development of interactive web apps using Elixir, Phoenix, LiveView, and Tailwind CSS, as well as PostgreSQL for databases.

- Development of dynamic web sites and web apps using Ruby on Rails, PHP, WordPress and Bootstrap, as well as MySQL for databases.

- Closing business with customers and technical support.

- Deployment and maintenance for customer's sites using AWS and Heroku services.


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